The situation

I’ve lost my mojo.

The teacher

I can respond in two ways:

A metaphor

Life can be like this. You’re in uncharted space on a spacecraft. You’re making your way through the stars on a mission to get somewhere. That somewhere is the magical end point to **your life**. You must control it precisely. Dodge asteroids, comets, and whatever else is out there. This is very important.

Only upside

The trick is to come to a point in life where you can say, “There is only upside!” How do you get to that point?

Dance at others’ feet

Here’s a metaphor that’s helped me not take myself so seriously. In every moment, dance at others’ feet. When they smile, you smile. When they laugh, you laugh. When they’re going through something challenging, feel that.

A monk

A monk was asked, “Why are you joyful all the time?”

Working on The Habit Loop.