• Scott Lingle

    Scott Lingle

  • chefy


    disconfirmation bias

  • Jerry Lingle

    Jerry Lingle

  • Nancy Dadami

    Nancy Dadami

    Intentional Flow Strategist, Teaching curious, spirited Baby Boomers and Gen Xers how to live in FLOW and find inner peace in life. https://nancydadami.com/

  • Grace Alvarez

    Grace Alvarez

  • Sam Caucci

    Sam Caucci

    Everybody that works hard deserves to be trained. Founder & CEO at http://1huddle.co

  • Chris Jagger

    Chris Jagger

  • Devyn Mikell

    Devyn Mikell

    Co-founder of @twisted_fry | Eliminating the need for my resumé

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