Hello brewery friends!

My number one goal with starting my Indy Brewery reviews was to get the conversation rolling about great beer brewed right here in our hometown, Indianapolis. To that end, I foresee some long-form content coming soon in the form of conversations but also, this, a mini-blog!!!


Ramit Sethi, finance guru and overall funny guy has an interesting tid-bit in I Will Teach You to Be Rich (fantastic book btw) where he talks about a familiar story of people he knew trying to get fit… Quoting from his book:

Here was a common situation: John was forty-five…

I’ve noticed an interesting aspect of the culture in America. We are almost totally disassociated from our bodies. Really, we are almost totally disassociated from the nature.

Why is this?

We are heady. Literally, we feel as though problems are to be solved in our “heads”. Feelings are generally to…

One day while driving in a rented mini-van down the interstates of San Fransisco with my brother Ryan, he told me a quote that I think about every day. …

The Habit Loop is a community, an idea, an experiment to empower people to live a healthy, fit lifestyle. Moreover, we believe in using fitness as a medium to leverage identity and habit to become the types of people we want to be.

The Habit Loop recognizes 3 realities:

  1. Programs…

If you’re fat, out-of-shape, and intimidated…this is where to start.

  1. This is a game of subtraction. Normal habits don’t get you extremely overweight or super weak. BAD habits do. You must identify the bad habits and eliminate them. This is hard. It is the reason most people don’t make it…

Those that know me know that I am no superhuman or bodybuilder. Really, I’m an average joe with one quirk: I am OBSESSED with everything fitness, from nutrition, to powerlifting, to long-distance endurance running.

I work out (or do some form of physical activity) every day. I am MUCH much…

The situation

I’ve lost my mojo.

In the past month or so it’s been like this. Extremely indecisive. Lost for words, all the time. Non-stop criticism of myself. Little joy. Intense feelings of awkwardness at times. Favorite time of the day being sleep.

Not great.

The teacher

I can respond in two ways:


I am sitting in the Las Vegas airport. That’s already bad enough.

I’ve been informed the flight has been delayed two hours. Finished the two books during the trip. Already scrolled through Twitter, Medium, Instagram, of course.

There’s absolutely nothing to do.

This is the abominable condition of mankind: boredom.

A way to think about how you treat others… and yourself.

I have some serious commitment issues.

I have this friend that I was close with for a year in college. He just moved in town. Every time I think of him I have that gut-wrenching thought, “Wow, I really need to hang out with him, I’ve been a terrible friend!”…

Tyler Lingle

Working on The Habit Loop.

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